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Recent Recipes

Golden Vegetable Rice

Golden vegetable rice is a quick and easy savoury side dish that’s perfect for when you fancy a change from plain rice. This golden rice gets its flavour from stock, and its colour from turmeric. It is packed with vegetables and it makes the perfect accompaniment to fish or chicken. I often see ready-made, microwaveable … Continue reading Golden Vegetable Rice

Peach Cobbler

This classic US dessert hails from the Southern states. It consists of sweet peaches enveloped in a light, cakey, buttery, batter – think Toad in the Hole, but instead of sausage being surrounded in batter it’s peaches surrounded in batter, and baked until the batter is golden. Apple crumble had always been my go-to easy … Continue reading Peach Cobbler

Air Fryer Cajun Prawns

Prawns are such a quick and easy protein source for easy weekday meals. They are wonderful because they are awesome at absorbing the flavours of any herbs and spices they are mixed with. One of my go-to dinner recipes is cajun prawns cooked in the air fryer. They are succulent, full of flavour and literally … Continue reading Air Fryer Cajun Prawns